Saturday, November 18, 2017 - 6:00pm

WA 129 Poetry Reading
Saturday, November 18, 6pm
Maple Hall, La Conner  

WA 129 is a collection of poems by poets from around Washington State and includes amateur poets alongside acclaimed writers like Sherman Alexie and Tom Robbins. The anthology features one poem for every year of Washington statehood (hence “129”).

That evening hear from: Host Washington State Poet Laureate, Tod Marshall with Tom Robbins, Tess Gallagher, Samuel & Sally Green, Michael Daley, Alice Derry& Jennifer Boyden.

Co-sponsored by:


Museum of Northwest Art


The Museum of Northwest Art connects people with the art, diverse cultures and environments of the Northwest. 



MoNA collects and exhibits contemporary art from across the Northwest, including Alaska, British Columbia, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.